On November 21, 2016, a Siemens 2.3-108 wind turbine designated as T-126 at the Ocotillo Wind facility fell within the designated setback zone surrounding the turbine’s base. No one was injured in the incident, and the relevant authorities were notified.

The root cause analysis performed by Siemens indicated the cause of the incident as a blade failure that resulted in the blade striking the tower, which in turn caused the tower to collapse. This failure of T-126 resulted from cracks in the structural member of the interior of the blade known as the shear web that over time slowly spread to cause a failure of the blade. 

Upon understanding the root cause, Ocotillo Wind and Siemens immediately commissioned internal inspections of all blades at the wind farm, and the turbines that have passed inspections are being returned to service. A few turbines require additional assessment prior to being returned to service. We are committed to return individual turbines to service only after we are confident this type of incident will not recur.

Both Ocotillo Wind and Siemens are committed to the safe and reliable operation of the facility. Siemens is well established as a top tier supplier of proven, safe, quality products in the wind industry, and the Siemens fleet of wind turbines has an excellent safety record.